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The dissertation writer puts his own thoughts and ideas in the writing. The writer is aware of the overall structure of the dissertation. The exact structure of the dissertation depends on the field and the department’s specific requirements. The writer is also well informed about the writing style of the research paper. They very well know where to find the data relevant to their writing. The writer is highly qualified and professional in their writing. The best-written dissertation by the writer gives them the opportunity to get it published in the academic journals. The writer has the capability to come up with original ideas and thoughts. Also, they have the capability to put their strong points forward, argue and put up the controversial statement. A good writer does the extensive research on the topic and writes an outline of the paper before drafting the final paper. The writer must conduct the surveys, interviews, questionnaire in order to support their research paper with genuine information and facts. The dissertation must always be written on the topic on which the writer is interested in writing. The writer must always take into consideration what the concerned authority want from them.
Students have many challenges while writing dissertation from basic grammar, paragraph writing, structuring and planning. Due to the time crunch, they are not able to complete their writing on time. Also, the tough deadline makes it tough for the students to maintain the balance between the research paper and the other assignments. As a result, quality is compromised and they end up with low grades. Sometimes pupils use too direct quotes and phrases which prevent them from reflecting their own analytical skills. They fail to come up with the topic of their interest and ultimately hey up writing messed up paper.
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